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Kazehito Seki

Kazehito Seki

He is an electrifeeding voice artist, noise musician, or Self Toxication” is Kazehito’s solo musical project. His in-the-moment, site-specific live experiments that utilise the organic materials and catalysts of his body, mind, extended voice, amplification, feedback through re-amplification, room acoustics, and the existence of the audience (if there is one,) creating an observation on what noise music can be. He considers noise music (art) is a possibility for spectra instead of binaries. Nothing is good or bad without setting a specific context – observing something, there is always another point of view.

Read the words on the score as you read such a webpage. If the words are made “neutral,” what could affect the “neutrality” of the words? Voice is an organic instrument. Our voice is always tuned up unconsciously by our body regarding the context. Each time, when we talk to someone in a distance, we mumble alone, we are shocked by something, laugh, or cry for some emotionally intense reason, our body automatically tunes up the volume, tone, pitch, tension, rhythm, and etc of our voice.
The 2 x 32 words are extracted from the original contexts and purified to be free from their literal meanings by the artist. Kazehito contributes another couple of graphic scores. In the scores, the original contexts which are made "literally empty," are randomly filled up with the words that are reverted to the literal form. Without literal meaning of the sentences, each context is still full of non-verbal directions, e.g. the layout, the markup, and all the styling aspects of the words. However, the reader also has her/his own freedom either to follow or refuse such directions.