Attune is a collaborative research platform hosted by collective and label Research and Waves that critically examines digital (re)formations of media, specifically the use of language and the emancipatory possibilities of poetic intervention, in real life practices emerging in response to the status quo.

The contributions on the platform explore and cultivate (sonic) processes and gestures such as remixing, sampling, cutting, mashing, quoting, covering, morphing, or fading for a cross-cultural conversation about various forms of oppression such as racism and white supremacy, patriarchism and neoliberalism.

The platform features a growing collection of media releases, commissioned works, open calls, texts and interviews among other contributions.


As a starting point, departing from Research and Waves' practice as an artist label and curatorial collective, we present the vinyl record RAW[0.6,Y,0.75] ɅV – A Sound Writing Tool by Andreas Bülhoff and Marc Matter. On occasion of it's release we asked a diverse group of thinkers to respond to the record in spirit of the platform and reflect on the following question:

Can words be neutral?
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