Autonomous Sensory Dissociative Response
Jorge Vega

Jorge Vega

Jorge Vega Matos, born in 1987 in Puerto Rico, is a researcher focused on the political and cultural aspects of peripheries, edges, and in-between spaces: the grey, the informal, the taboo, the liminal, the transitory. Most of his work is based on speculative fiction, such as media, role-playing, and immersive spaces. The bulk of his work is done as co-curator of Peripheral Intuitions, a Berlin-based collective that blends artistic interventions, immersive spaces, and education guided by the senses as a way to break from logic-driven oppression while championing cultures in flux and marginalized subjectivities as agents for collective change.

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By decontextualizing words from origin and context, Marc Matter and Andreas Bülhoff are revealing the inherent political tension of language. But just as the non-neutrality of language is uncovered through the act of decontextualization, so can the causality of words be decoded/recoded through the act of disassociation. ‘[ASDR] - Autonomous Sensory Dissociative Response’ is a psycholinguistic poetic fragment that seeks to show how the political tension of language can be reconstituted in myriads of ways, responding to the smallest of audiovisual shifts. Tapping into the popularity of ASMR and the fear of ongoing experiments in emotional manipulation by political operatives, we imagine an abstraction of a political manifesto delivered with one objective: assuage through discomfort. In his contribution Jorge uses footage he gathered throughout past years, his voice and a track titled Action Techno available here.