One Day Studio is a project by Research and Waves that is being developed by meeting artists to ask questions and think together on what types of resources we need as artists nowadays. From April '21 to February '22 we arranged 4 one day meetings with two artists / one collective per meeting in various places in Bremen. The final results of the meetings are gathered in 4 audio pieces and multi-media FOLDERs free to download.

Stephan Thierbach and Felix Dreesen

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24 April '21 08:00-20:00


In this meeting we discussed a work in progress by Felix and Stephan entitled ”Treibgut” which started with a trip in August 2019 when for 10 days they designed and constructed a floating platform out of found material of construction sites of the Bremer Übersee-Stadt. Afterwards they transported the floating platform to Kassel and started a journey of drifting about 500km on the river Weser to Bremerhaven at the North Sea.

Radio Angrezi

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25 June '21 18:00-19:00

Domshof, Bremen

We want to talk about the studio. For this One Das Studio we are in a temporary studio, in public place at Angrezi LIVE @ OPEN SPACE Domshof #1: SOUND UNBOUND. Radio Angrezi is opening their studio to Research and Waves, in the presence of an audience. What’s the process of opening? We want to bring up collaborative questions about the process of making radio, working in a collective and with others, becoming audible at large and creating a radio program at the same time.


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12 November '21 14:00-18:00

HfK & Hornbach, Bremen

This time we were invited into the (non-)studio of Bremen-based collective ZEFAK. They shared with us their current work on the site-specific project “Where the River resides” which was on show in Saarbrücken in December '21. We discussed with ZEFAK what studio means to them. For working collectively, locally, site-specific, in relation to / with / and without institutions.

Kate Chen and
Frank Wang

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27 February '22 09:00-17:00

Künstlerhaus & City, Bremen

Our day with Kate and Frank was structured around their practices of observing the old city. The moments where the modern city connects with the medieval, starting where “stone city meets smart city”. In the past, Kate has done exercises in drawing and mapping in new places and Frank engaged with observation on the move as well, making many photographs in the street. They invited us to observe with intention, and reflect on our own ways of seeing and moving, in Bremen, that we do not know intimately.